We smile every day!

Do you appreciate the professionalism, great offer, and friendly atmosphere of our clinic? In short – do you like us?

We have prepared a special program for you that appreciates our loyal customers, distinguishing them with privileges in the offer, special rewards, and participation in a group that simply enjoys being here!

What is the I like Luxdentica program all about?

By using Luxdentica services, you accumulate points on a special card that you can eventually exchange for rewards or services offered by our clinic. By participating in the program, you also enjoy special discounts, promotions, and contests exclusively dedicated to I LIKE LUXDENTICA enthusiasts.

The I LIKE LUXDENTICA program is a family program. What does this mean? You can combine points collected on your card with points from another family member who is also a participant in the program. By combining points, you gain twice as much – you can plan not only your dental treatment but also that of your entire family.

That's not all. The I LIKE LUXDENTICA program also protects you in case of emergencies. If you are in the midst of treatment at our clinic, find yourself outside Krakow, and require immediate dental assistance… Take advantage of it, and we will reimburse you the amount you paid. Worth it?

How to join the I like Luxdentica program?

Step 1. Visit our Facebook profile like us and leave a comment/review about our clinic. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can express your opinion on Google or on our website

Step 2. Now we invite you to our clinic. To receive the I LIKE LUXDENTICA card, please approach one of our receptionists. After registration, you will receive the card, thus beginning your participation in the program.

What do we offer to I like Luxdentica Participants?

Rewards from the rewards catalog
Family point pooling
Special discounts and promotions
Emergency coverage

FAQ. Your Most Common Questions

Any adult individual who uses the services of Luxdentica clinic, likes our Facebook profile, and writes a review about our services can become a member of the program.
Yes. You can leave a review about our clinic on our website or on Google.
Minors can participate in the Program if their parent/legal guardian expresses such a desire by completing the registration form.
If a family member of yours is also a member of the I LIKE LUXDENTICA program, you can combine your points by exchanging them for rewards or services offered by our clinic.
If the tooth, implant, or prosthetic reconstruction was performed at Luxdentica and you have received a full warranty on it, during the period of its validity, we will reimburse your dental expenses (for example, if you experience severe tooth pain that has been or was treated with root canal therapy at our clinic), go ahead and seek the necessary help you need at the moment! We will refund you up to 300 PLN for the emergency assistance you seek. To receive the reimbursement, collect your medical documentation with X-ray images from the dentist and provide it to our receptionist along with a filled-out NW form.
You can collect the rewards at our clinic. Once you have accumulated the required number of points and selected a reward, please visit our reception. When collecting, don't forget to bring your I LIKE LUXDENTICA card.
You don't need to have your I LIKE LUXDENTICA card with you to receive points for a completed service. The program will automatically add points to your account.
No, because your points are stored in our I LIKE LUXDENTICA program system. Report the loss of your card to our receptionist. The receptionist will issue you a new card with the same identification number. The cost of a replacement card is 20 PLN.
Points are valid for one year from the date of the last completed service.